Winnipeg Landscaping Contractor Review | Jul. 15, 2007 – Winnipeg Free Press

A coupla buddies of my same vintage, about 27 years, give or take a few decades, were discussing today’s youth in terms less than glowing.

We remarked about how young folks today, while not really bad, were mostly inconsiderate and unthinking.

Holding the door open for the person behind then was something they never learned and were strangers to other odd practices like giving up their seat on the bus to an older person.

I did mention though that I had an excellent young chap, James, working with me in my yard.

My backyard was to be partially dug up and James and I had to remove the vintage plants there and put them back after, without losing too many.

As a result I only got a few annual plants this year ’cause I’d have to remove them as well and our job was already formidable.

But it all went fairly well. The job done by Rod and his crew at the Lawn Salon, like last year when they put in a swail or drainage area was great!

They also worked so quickly and efficiently that James and I lost only a very few replaceable annuals.

I further found that I was able to scramble, even at this late date, to get a few colorful annuals and possibly a perennial or two and make the yard look, if not terrific, at least tolerable.

However, because I no longer drive I found it near impossible to go and see Kevin and Brian at my favorite nursery, T & T Seeds on Roblin Boulevard.

So I settled for a few plants at a big box store near me with the hope of getting out to T & T Seeds later.

When it came time to pay for my few plants the cashiers were quite busy.

One young employee named Lilia who saw my grief said, “Why not cash out yourself?”

“How?” I wailed, whereupon she slowly led me through the process.

When I got home I told Roxy about the lovely young lass who helped me.

“So much for young people being unthinking, eh?”

“Right on Roxy!”